Today, I released a 100% Free video course on Udemy titled “Learn How to Create Your First Android App” that teaches the fundamentals of Android Development. Students of this course will learn how to create A Resume Android App and publish that to the Play Store in one day. The course also comes with a warm up that I called Enhanced Hello World App.

I do no assume any prior programming knowledge for this course so this course is suitable for anyone who has a desire to learn Android development. As long as you know how to type and you are willing to follow along. This course can be completed online at your own convenience.

Fundamentals Matters! – so please share with anyone who can benefit from a beginner level Android development course. Sometimes it is so easy to forget how difficult the fundamentals are to a new beginner.

Find out in one day what it takes to design, develop and publish an Android App. In this course you will learn.

Setup: How to setup Android development environment, I will cover

  1. What tools you need,
  2. What they do and why you need them
  3. Where to get and/or download these tools
  4. How to install these tool and start using them.
  5. A tour of Android Studio which is the main development software you need

Warm Up App – We will create a warm up app to get a first hand taste of what it takes to create Android App. This is an enhanced Hello World App that demonstrates the usage of Activities and Intents which are two of the core components of Android development.

Main App – the main App for this course is a Resume App – your own Resume App. We will design, develop and deploy your own Resume app to the Google Play Store. If you want to start a career in Android what better way to start than to showcase your own resume on the App Store. The next time you apply for a job you can send a link to your Resume App in the Play Store instead of sending a PDF.

Start an exciting career – become an Android Developer. This course is designed to put you in the track to a great and rewarding career creating apps that will be used by millions of people. Click the Enroll Button.


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I am a Software Engineer with expertise in Android Development. I am available for Android development projects.

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