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Introduction to Realm Database with Kotlin

Realm Database has firmly inserted itself into the toolchain and workflow of modern mobile app development in just a few years. This is because Realm database solved a nagging developer pain point so efficiently that the core concepts of Realm Database such as object-based data persistence and or expressive, fluent queries are becoming industry standard […]

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Android Content Provider for Beginners

In this post I will provide a tutorial for Android Content Provider targeted at new Android developers. This post is a continuation of my post on SQLite. In that post I ended with a SQLite database created with one table. In this tutorial I will show how to implement CRUD operations (create, read, update & […]

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Ultimate Guide to Android SQLite Database

If you want to become a professional Android developer then you must know how to save and retrieve data. SQLite is by far the most commonly used mobile database technology. In this Android SQLite Database tutorial, I will teach you everything you need to know to start working with Android SQLite in Android. There are […]

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