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Android iText Pdf Example

This blog post stems from my recent experience building my soon to be released Invoicing app. I waited until the last minute to integrate PDF hoping that there is a magical boolean I can set to true and voila, my deeply nested view will be converted to PDF. I quickly realized that programmatic PDF involves […]

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Android Save and Retrieve Image Path From Database

In this post, I will show you how to save and retrieve image path from database in Android. Images are standard component of many software application. One of the most common use cases of image is to associate an image with an object so that each time the object is shown it is shown with […]

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Update A ListView With Data From Web Service Using Content Provider

This is a simple Android to demonstrate how to fetch data from a Web Service, save it to a SQlite Database, then use Content Provider to update the ListView with that data. This involves a buffet of Android components and represents just one way to accomplish this and not necessarily the best way. This program […]

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