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Learn Jetpack Compose faster from the source code of full working apps.


Project 1: Pronto Resume App

Start Your Jetpack Compose Journey Right.

This simple, three screen app, involves little to no programming and yet, introduces you to an array of fundamental Jetpack Compose concepts such as the basics (Text, Button, etc), Layouts, Bottom, Navigation, Scaffold, etc. It is a perfect First Jetpack Compose App.

This Resume app allows you to showcase the list of apps that you have built. You can add to this list as you complete the other apps we will build in this training. 

  • Android Development Fundamentals
  • Jetpack Compose Fundamentals
  • Jetpack Compose Layouts
  • Jetpack Compose Navigation

Pronto Notepad App

Developing a Notepad app is the right of passage for many Android developers - for good reason! It is relatively easy to go from a new Project to a relatively functioning app. But do not let the appearance of simplicity deceive you, developing a feature-rich Notepad app will teach you solid Android development skills that will help you throughout the book and your career.

In this project we begin to get into data persistence using Room Database, see how Compose State interoperates with Coroutine Flow and much more.


Pronto Todo App

Todo List Apps are the most common app used to learn programming skills, no other app comes close. By completing this app you will learn the skills to build any reminder-based app including shopping list, Todo list, Notes reminder, voice reminder, medicine reminder app, drink water reminder, pills reminder, etc.

This simple app touches on a number of common Android development concepts and Jetpack Compose concepts including reusing your own composable functions.


Pronto Task App

Pronto Quotes is a daily motivational quotes app. There are thousands of inspirational quotes and you can add more. Use these quotes as daily affirmations and also to help motivate others for their self-improvement. This app introduces you to Firebase tooling so you should have or create a Firebase account.

Developing this app will re-affirm the concepts you have learned so far while introducing you to new concepts such as LiveData builder, Coroutine Flow, Proto DataStore, and more.

About the author

Val Okafor

Val is a Lead Software Engineer with extensive hands-on experience building Android apps since the days of Android Jelly Bean OS - hint that was before Android Studio!. He created this training as the training he wish he had when he started learning Android development some nine year ago.

Val has built mobile apps for enterprises, startups, government entities and published a few apps of his own under his Pronto Apps portfolio. Val thoroughly enjoys sharing his knowledge and hopes to help make your transition to a professional Android developer easier.




100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 2-Years

You read that right! We will guarantee to update the projects included in this training for two full years. As Jetpack Compose and the Android ecosystem continue to evolve, we will keep updating the projects for two years.

Since the entirety of the book is available for FREE on this blog. You can read the whole content of the book for free on here. When you purchase the book you immediately have access to intellectual property (source codes) that cannot be taken back and for that reason, all sales are final.


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What are the most common questions about your course?

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