Pronto SQLite: Master Android Data Persistence

Step by Step tutorial on Android SQLite, Content Provider, AsyncQueryHandler, Realm Database and Firebase Realtime Database.

  • Android SQLite: learn how to use the most popular mobile database engine.
  • Content Provider: learn how to use Content Provider and Content Resolver to work with SQLite.
  • Realm Database: Master Realm database, which is hands down the most easy to use mobile database.
  • Firebase Realtime Database: learn how save data to the cloud, learn the difference between SQL and NoSQL.
  • Shopping Cart App: this books comes with a fully functional demo shopping cart app.

Become a Professional Android Developer! - $35

In this book you will also learn:

MVP Design Pattern

Practical example of the Model View Presenter design pattern and how it helps with separation of concerns.

Repository Pattern           

Learn how to program your app against an Interface so that when you switch database implementations you do not have to change your business logic.

Dependency Injection

Learn how to use Dagger 2 Dependency Injection framework to swap out the concrete implementations of our data persistence.

Asynchronous Data Access

Learn how to use AsycnTask, AsyncQueryHandler and Realm Asynchronous query to perform database access in a background thread.

Val OkaforAndroid Engineer/Author

Nothing could be more abstract in Android development than data persistence and yet if you want to be a professional Android Developer, you must master data persistence.  I have written this book to help you to do just that.


I am confident that the investment you made in buying this book will greatly improve your career. If this book did not meet your expectation, simply respond to the order confirmation email that you received withing 7 Days and you will be issued a full refund.


Invest in your career, Master local and cloud data persistence in Android. Expand your Android development skills.