Pronto Resume: Learn How To Create Your First Android App.

Perfect Training For New Android Developers
  • App Re-Skin.  Create your app in hours with fun and  easy step by step walkthrough on how to reskin a fully functional resume app. 
  • Create From Scratch. Follow a detailed guide  to re-create  the app from scratch. Learn about User Interface design, RecyclerView, ViewPager, Intents, Fragment, etc.
  • Android Fundamentals. Learn core Android development components and concepts such as Activity, Android Studio Setup, basic Java, Tablet Support, etc.

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About the Author: Val Okafor

My name is Val Okafor. I am the founder and Principal Engineer of Okason Media, LLC a San Diego California based mobile app development company.

My Android tutorials are the tutorials I wish I had when I started.  I believe that new Android concepts are better understood if they are presented in the context of creating an app from scratch to finish. 

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Create an App! Increase Your Luck.
Val Okafor Resume App

Build An App, Increase Your Confidence.

By completing this fun and easy exercise you will have learned practical Android development skills and have the confidence to create even more apps.

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Android Resume App Example

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