Save Weeks of Development Time with this Beautiful Android Notepad App Template

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Create a beautiful Android note taking app without coding.

This fully developed Android Notepad source code allows users to save Note by text, voice, and hand sketch. Users can also set a reminder on their notes.  Depending on the version of the template you purchase,  the notes and the attachments are either saved locally on the device by Realm Database or SQLite database. The notes can also be saved in the cloud using Firebase Realtime database.

This app supports phone, tablet and dual page pane layout for larger screens and the source code is elegantly coded using modern development patterns such as MVP, Repository pattern and dependency injection where applicable.  You can simply change the package Id of the code and publish to the app store or you can extend the app and be rest assured that the code is designed to be extendable.

Depending on your level of experience this app source code could you save you hundreds of hours or few thousand dollars if you were to hire another developer to to create this app for you from scratch.

This source code is for you if...

You want to create an Android notepad app or similar app. This source code will save you valuable time. You can publish this app as it is, or integrate it into a larger project. If you need further customization please request a custom quote.

Customize the screens your own way!

Android Notepad App Screenshot

Publish A Notepad App Today!

This App Template comes with a step by step guide on how to update the app with your own information and publish to the App Store.

App Features


Authenticate Users by email and Google login using Firebase Authentication and Firebase UI library.

Dual Screen

Implementing dual screen is tricky with old school Android development and even trickier with MVP pattern. You will see an example of how this is solved.

Firebase Integration

The Firebase version of this app template includes practical usages of Firebase Realtime Database, Storage, and Authentication.

Realm Database

The Realm database version of this app template shows a real live example of most common and advanced Realm database features.


Users can add a reminder to any note. When the reminder goes off, users can click on the notification and they will be taken to the Note.


This app includes easy support for adding attachments to Notes such as audio recording, images, videos, etc.


Users can set common preferences such as whether to receive notifications, be prompted for delete or choose note editor type.


Users can add a hand drawing or sketches to a note. Why type if you can draw. The sketches are added as image attachments.


Users can add audio recording to a note and play back the audio later. What's more, the Firebase version of this app makes the audio available in all users devices.

Android Notepad App Lined Editor

Android Notepad App Lined Editor

Choice of Plain or Lined Editor

Lined Editor. Users can easily choose between a plain note editor or switch to a lined editor which gives an appearance of a physical notepad.

Definitely Saved Me Time

"Val is an Android Guru. I have taken most of his Android development courses and I probably could have created a Notepad without this source code but it would’ve taken longer and I probably still will not really understand how to really understand how Dagger 2 works. This source code has helped to publish my second app to the Play Store."

 Rodney Caldwell, creator of RCNote.

I just changed the color and published

"This is easy to understand source code, at first, I just changed the color and published. I have since made more modifications to the app such as changing the categories to tags and adding dual screen for the editor. 

And of course, it's all beautifully designed and I look forward to more source code like this.!"

Cassandra Hansen, creator of NoteNow plus app. 

Android Notepad App Login Screen

Android Notepad App Login Screen

Test Drive a Sample .apk of the Notepad App.

You can download and run the app in your emulator or device to see if the app meets your needs.

You are encouraged to try the APK file before purchasing the source code so you can get a better understanding of the app.

The app is compatible with phone and tablet.​


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is the refund policy?

How is support provided?

Is there a documentation included?

What version of Android Studio did you use?

Create a Productivity App With Your Name On It.

The best way to learn Android development is to create Android apps and the apps that are best suited for learning Android development are the apps that teach you several concepts at once.

Choose A Source Code Version Based on Data Persistence Preference


Uses Firebase Database

Save Data to Cloud

  • Requires Login
  • Email/Google Login
  • Includes All UI Features.
  • Requires Internet




Uses Realm Database

Save Data Locally

  • Includes All UI Features.
  • MVP Design Pattern.
  • No Login
  • Internet Not Required




Four in one Project

4  Complete Projects

  • Firebase Database Project
  • Realm Database Project
  • SQLite Database Project
  • Content Provider Project




Uses SQLite Database

Save Data Locally

  • Includes All UI Features.
  • MVP Design Pattern.
  • No Login
  • Internet Not Required