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Motivational Quote App Screenshot

Motivational Quote App Screenshot

List of Quote Authors

Create a beautiful Motivational Quotes app without coding.

This fully developed Android Motivational Quote app provide inspirational quotes from a wide range of authors. The app comes preloaded with 2000 quotes and you can add unlimited quotes through the included CSV file or a web admin.

This app comes with a web based admin that you can use to add, remove or edit quotes. This web admin is connected to Firebase Realtime database so your newly added quotes will be synched to your user's devices.

The quotes are saved locally to the device using Realm database so that the app will continue to function when there is no internet connection. New quotes will be pulled down the next time the users connect to the internet. 

Users can share their quote and images on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Users can favorite a quote and favorited quotes are displayed seperately so that they can found easily. The app sends a daily quote of the day notification. Users can easily set the time of the day they want to receive these notification or they can opt out o the notification.

Each quote is displayed on top of a beautiful background image. All images used are free and labeled for re-use. 

Not just motivational quotes ...

You can use this app to publish any other type of Quote, not just motivational and inspiration quotes. If you need help, you can always request a custom quote.

Add Quotes through A Firebase Enabled Web Admin !

Android Notepad App Screenshot
Quotes By Authors

Choice of Vertical or Horizontal Scrolling

Easy Navigation. Users can scroll through quotes using RecyclerView in a vertical layout or page through the quotes using a ViewPager. The quotes are grouped by Authors in the ViewPager.

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Android Notepad App Login Screen

Test Drive a Sample .apk of the Motivational Quote App.

You can download and run the app in your emulator or device to see if the app meets your needs.

You are encouraged to try the APK file before purchasing the source code so you can get a better understanding of the app.

The app is compatible with phone only.​


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is the refund policy?

How is support provided?

How many source code are included ?

Where can I run the Web Admin

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