Introducing Pronto Invoice

Today, I am glad to launch my second Android app Pronto Invoice. Pronto Invoice is a mobile app that enables users to create professional PDF Invoice in one minute without internet connection. Pronto Invoice does not require any elaborate setup, no confusing menu, straight forward layout that enables you to promptly create invoices and email them to your clients.

Pronto Invoice is perfect for those who work outside the office frequently. Contractors, crafters, field service providers, and more! Anyone with an Android device can provide an invoice fast, as a receipt for sales, services, and proof of purchase anywhere with their mobile device and deliver them to their clients email! Easy to use, fast, and reliable invoices anywhere you work and play.

Pronto Invoice Android App

Pronto Invoice Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Fast and reliable
  • Email directly to the client
  • Optimized for the phone & tablet
  • Professional utility app for business
  • Generate PDFs of invoices & estimates
  • Create unlimited number of clients, services and invoices
  • Extensive reporting with support for filters, grouping, paging and more
  • Use without and internet connection for sales outside your coverage area
  • Create Professional PDF based invoices with or without your own company logo
  • Custom numbering, table support, with or without taxes, custom payment terms, and so much more!
  • Actively developed, I continue to add more features to the app, and offer quick response to inquiries and support request

Pronto App is FREE for ten users and then users are expected to upgrade to full version for just $4.99. No monthly subscription plan at this time. Just a one time in app purchase of $4.99.

What Went Into Building Pronto App

Pronto Invoice took me almost three months to write, it is my second Android app, my first app ValueCard was written for my previous employer and took almost 1 year to build. Pronto Invoice started as a Point of Sale app and after a few iterations, I scaled it down to an Invoice app. In hindsight I should have scaled it down even further. It does not help that I started writing this app using Xamarin because of my familiarity with C#, at some point I hit the wall with the nuances of PDF generation so I switched to native and used iText PDF for the PDF generation.

Lesson Learned Building Pronto Invoice

Plan it out – to the extent possible plan out your app before you begin, identify the screens, plan out their navigation and interactions.

It costs money – plan on spending some money, the do it all by yourself approach may actually cost more money in terms of time spent doing things that are not your core competence. One should definitely write their own code, because reading other peoples code may take time than writing it yourself , however save time by outsourcing non code related tasks such as writing app description, user testing, creating landing page for your app, etc

Hire thee a designer – developers are not designers and the concept of minimum viable product (MVP) is becoming harder to apply in the app store. With more than a million apps it will take more than findViewById for your app to get noticed. With a seemingly unlimited options, the user’s eyeballs are drifting towards the beautiful apps aka professionally designed app. For my next app, I will definitely be googling for discount coupons for if any exists.

Implement core features first – Implement the core features of the app first, they determine the bells and whistles and not the other way round. It saves time to understand the complexity of the app upfront versus waiting at the last minute to realize that your core assumptions are not realistic within your time constraints

Don’t come up with your feature list – yep, don’t draw up your own features list, listen to real users, that means read the reviews and rants of similar apps at the store and draw your main features list from there.

Draw a line – if it takes more than 5 screens then its complex, that will be my guiding post going forward, a solo developer should not be building one uber sized app, but rather few similar apps that accomplish specific use cases – I am looking for ideas on this one, other than flashlight, I can’t come up with another one screen app. Please let me know if you have any, we can do revenue sharing if there is fit, you never know.

Please share with anyone you know who can benefit from this app.



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